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White Label License Instructions

04/09/2024 02:09 pm

How to choose the right license?Check the Prices and InformationThe license you want to get depends on how you intend to…

Customizable Page and Content Layout

03/29/2024 09:37 am


Custom CSS

02/20/2024 10:55 am

​​You can use custom CSS on any site with our in-built custom CSS editor, which also offers image and font file storage…

Design tools

02/20/2024 10:51 am

​​You can enjoy flexible layouts, custom color schemes, Google  fonts, free premium images from Unsplash, in-built…

Content types

02/20/2024 10:48 am

​Add and manage text, photos, videos, audio, galleries, products, newsletter sign-ups, appointments, menus, forms, maps,…

Pre-Built Layouts

02/20/2024 10:45 am

Add LayoutIt is super easy to build website page using the pre-build layouts of Microweber website builder and CMS.Just…

Customizable Templates

02/20/2024 10:43 am

In Microweber.com you are able to customize your website template using the live edit and visual editor settings. In…