The new SaaS solution allows you to build a website more fast and easy

01 Dec 2022

There is a brand new process of creating websites on Microweber. The new process allows you to create new website fast and easy in a much better way as before. We completely change the design and usability of this and now you literally can start new website project for less than a minute. The new dishoard called "My websites" gives you a full control of each of your projects. 

You can edit edit and visit the sites you have, you can also change the default name of the project with a "sub.domain" of Microweber and of-course you can connect your own domain to the website in a very simple way. 

After you are login from the Login page, where you can choose login with your email or even login with Google.

You are going to be redirected to the new Dashboard called "My projects" immediately after you are signup or login. From the My projects - Dashboard page you can see and manage all your available projects. Each project can be managed and it is accessible from here.

From the menu of the right corner of the project you are able to View website, Edit website, Rename project, Change domain and Delete this website. By default the created website comes with a subdomain of numbers like: "". There is a few ways to change the URL of the project, just click on Change Domain from the menu of the current website.

You are able to start with pre-define template choosing it from the Templates. There is more than 60+ awesome website templates to choose from. You can search them by categories or keywords. Each template have a quick view and can be install for 10 seconds. What a speed!

You can upgrade your plan at any time. We have developed 3 general plans for each target group. We have FREE plan where you are able to test the Microweber Website Builder for 14 days for free, no credit card required, just click on the "Activate" button on the top and you are able to use the full power of Microweber.

Other plans we offer are for Personal Plan and Business Plan. The personal plan gives you the opportunity to create 1 website and use all the block and layout of Microweber for $15 per month or $120 per year. If you choose the yearly payment you actualy going to save $60 of the payment.

For a web design companies, marketing companies or active freelances we offer the Business plan. By subscribing for Business Plan you have the rights to build 5 websites, you can choose from our templates and use all the features of Microweber. The 5 templates are visible on your account and can be controlled from there. 

We also offer Business 10, Business 15, Business 20 and Business 30, which means that the number of the plans gives you to create exact websites. For example if you are subscribe for Business 20 then you can build 20 websites on your account using this plan. It's not possible to downgrade plan you only can upgrade it.

All payments are controlled by Stripe and you can be sure that this is the most secure payment process.

After you make a payment you can find your invoices and history for payments and information about it on the Billing page, which is on your Profile page.

This is it! You can create your own website now.


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